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This site examines the specific time during which Governor Robert Bentley served the people of the state as Alabama’s 53rd Governor and provides recent updates on the former Governor in post-public life, his charitable work and his continued enthusiasm for the causes he championed during his two terms in Office.



Governor Robert Bentley has generously made available access to Archived Digital Resources of the Governor Robert Bentley Administration as well as the Bentley for Governor Campaigns. Governor Bentley was Alabama’s first governor to serve during the rise in popularity of digital mediums and social media platforms, and the Administration embraced the use of those forms of communicating with the people of the state. Bentley for Alabama offers access to those resources in their original digital form.



​The project provides free and easy access to digital resources from the Bentley Administration, including the official website and social media platforms. 


The Archived Website of the Bentley Administration provides access to content that is no longer available online, and serves as a vast resource for videos, speeches, press releases and various public records of the Governor Robert Bentley Administration, 2011-2017. The Archived website is no longer updated, and therefore some links and other features may not function properly. A digital copy of the archived website is also housed at the Alabama State Department of Archives and History.


If you have any questions about the content or use of the materials provided by this site, please contact us at info@


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